Why you should use Rizzle Green Screen!

Get the best of mobile green screen on Rizzle.

A creator can use the green screen effects on Rizzle to make their videos more fun and even create more interesting series.

If you are wondering what a green screen is, it is essentially a green backdrop placed in the background of a shot to allow for digital effects later. It is a useful tool in cinematography as it opens up a world of endless possibilities for what can be put on screen.

Green screens are the magic potion that brings our favorite fictional worlds to life. Every fantasy fandom, no matter the rivalry, is uniformly thankful for the magic that green screens create. They created Hogwarts for Potterheads, the Shire, Rivendell, Isengard, etc in The Lord of The Rings, every MCU universe is a product of green screen, and without it, the very essence of MCU movies will be gone. All these blockbusters movies have made their movies remarkable with green screen and special effects artists.

Green screen was accessible to only a few major players in the film industry. But now, thanks to advanced technology, it is easily accessible to anyone with the right apps and website. Rizzle is one such platform that makes green screen available for all of its users for a short at better content creation. With its magic-like ability, it has opened the door to endless possibilities for content creators, the only limitation being their imagination.

A creator can use the green screen effects on Rizzle to make their videos more fun, and even create more interesting series by following these steps;

  1. Go to record on Rizzle.
  2. Select Green Screen.
  3. Select source, for instance- gallery or photos.
  4. Select the picture and start recording.

Using green screens will give the viewers a better and more entertaining visual experience of your videos and series. If Marvel movies have taught us anything, it is that visuals can make or break visual content. So, grab your phone and start making videos with the ‘out of the world’ features on Rizzle!

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