Khatta-Meetha Parivar with RSeries

Sweet & sour moments ft. family

Sugar, spice and everything nice is the perfect recipe for an Indian family! And we at Rizzle wanted to celebrate that by having a contest with the theme of Khatta-Meetha Parivar for our creators to tell their stories!

The contestants embraced the sweet and sour theme and gave rise to some next-level content.

Gaurang Mehra who won the first prize in this RSeries contest created a very minimalistic series that had some wonderful aesthetics and funny storylines featuring his on-screen family.

Pratibha Mod, who won the second prize, took a satirical approach to this contest with on-point jokes that made us laugh a lot. But it was not all just comedy, as she also added some hard-hitting messages that created awareness on several patriarchal issues.

Karan Buddy, who won the third prize in the Khatta Meetha Parivar contest, brought the essence of the Indian family to Rizzle with brilliant acting and amazing camera work, making it a truly binge-worthy series!

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