Mean Bean Productions: They Be Rolling Out Some Mean Content On Rizzle!

True to the “Mean” in their name, these guys do know how to produce absolutely mean content. Their Rizzle original series have been nothing short of brilliant. The couple consisting of Melanie Lech aka Wafflechick and Alex Bradford Cobb made their Rizzle debut with Mean Bean Productions during the RSeries Originals contest with ‘Garage Cell’. They’ve had us rolling on the floor with laughter every since!
Their “Time Warp” series was nothing short of a masterstroke in terms of short series. It was packed with wicked costumes that ranged from Flintsonesque togas to 80’s fashion. Not to mention the brilliantly executed dialogues to pulling off such an eccentric plot.

Another series that had everyone in the Rizzle workspace in hoots was ‘Spandex-Girl’. This made viewers go through a whirlwind of feelings ranging from being zapped with electricity, distortion from the intentional zooming of camera lenses during villain showdowns to just hysterical laughter!

Needless to say, these guys have us hooked!