Rizzle is on a mission to democratize content creation. Here's how.

When we launched Rizzle last year, our team was committed to the notion that anyone can create compelling, engaging, and original talk shows and series on a smartphone. But few platforms exist to create or find that content, and we set out to change that.

We built Rizzle with one overarching goal in mind: to provide the entire ecosystem of support and resources necessary for users to create original series. Short, vertical content has been explored by other apps in the past, but Rizzle is different.  It’s focused squarely on original, user-generated episodic content -- which nobody else is doing in the space.

In short, we’re democratizing Hollywood-style content creation. And that mission is more critical than ever now, in the midst of a global pandemic, and at a time when traditional production in the entertainment industry epicentres of Los Angeles and New York have ground to a halt.

We are confident creators like ours will fill those gaps -- and we’re providing the entire ecosystem of support and resources they need to build content, from in-app design tools to licensed background music and more.  Earlier this month, we brought on entertainment industry vet Thom Woodley as the company’s first-ever Head of Creative and Content Development. Thom is already green-lighting never-before-seen work -- both scripted and unscripted -- from creators, and is negotiating partnerships with film festivals, college film programs, and talent agencies to help creators up their game. We’re also facilitating on-demand courses from instructors in writing, directing, and acting for any person in any time zone at any time.

Everyone has the capacity to tell a story -- and Rizzle allows you to do that on a single platform. You no longer need $1 million to tell a story. As Thom has said, this is an automatic blank slate. What will you create?