Things people do that drive you crazy

Have you ever had that moment when you are minding your own business and walking somewhere and that one person who walks so slow walks in front of you? Or you are eating peacefully in a restaurant and that person next to you is chewing so loudly you can’t even hear yourself think? Thing is, I am not a very “people’’ person so I can go on making a list of all the things that people do that drive me crazy. It’s not just strangers that annoys me, I mean we all have family and that’s pretty much self-explanatory.

Most of the time family, they drive us crazy that’s where all the craziness begins. If you are someone who doesn’t go out that much you’ll understand what I am talking about. Being in your parent’s house, getting home food, not paying rent or bills, all of these feels amazing. But they come side to side with having to share your room with your annoying siblings who are all over your stuff and nerves.

The constant reminder from the parents to clean the room. Were you ever about to clean your room but your mom comes in and asks you to clean the room which immediately makes you “not clean” the room? Or the constant reminder from your dad to take out the trash?

If only they haven’t said anything and let you be on your own you would have cleaned the room, put the dirty clothes in the laundry and guess what? Take out the trash too.

The movie theatre is the place where all the things that drive me crazy happen collectively. You go for that new Avengers movie that you have been waiting for forever.

And there’s this couple where the guy is explaining every single scene to his girlfriend only to hear her say, “when will Aquaman come?” That’s not all, there’s this set of people in the movie theatre that talks too loudly.

The other set of this crowd comes late so the others are always shouting out to them.

It’s always someone who is sitting behind you that’s constantly kicking your chair or the guy next to you who walks through you every 30 minutes. Don’t get me started with the loud popcorn eater that munches on the popcorn without any mercy. Also, those people who switch on their mobile phone’s flashlight to find their seat, and flashes the light right at your face, I mean why? I am only trying to have a decent movie night.

Another thing that drives me crazy is when people mess up the order in restaurants and that also after writing it down.

The waiters remember what the dishes taste like or how they are prepared but if I want to try the chef’s special lasagna they come up to you with a plate of spaghetti.

The irony is that those people who are rude to the waiters drives me crazy.

It’s like you can’t go anywhere without being annoyed by someone or something. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I am an annoying human that definitely drives people crazy. Starting with my parents and siblings, I know how my mom feels when she calls me for dinner and I am not coming down because I am doing something utterly useless. Or when I keep bugging my dad to drive me everywhere because I just can’t learn how to drive.

At last, it is just us humans being human. We do things that make other people crazy and the thing that other people do makes us crazy. You just have to know your limit and keep in mind that you are not overdoing it.