Why Rizzle Is Hiring a Creative Director

In a sea of lookalike video apps, Rizzle stands out. Always has, always will.  

We were born of the idea that everyday people can pick up a smartphone and create compelling, engaging content on the Internet. Web series are currently made by very few creators, and even fewer outlets exist to discover that content. We wanted to change that.

From the beginning, we set out to provide the entire ecosystem of support and resources necessary for creators to build.  We like to say we’re democratizing content creation: it’s no longer necessary to live in LA or New York to make art that moves people. All you need is your smartphone -- and the Rizzle app.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the hiring of Thom Woodley as our first-ever Head of Creative and Content Development. Thom brings an incredible depth of experience creating award-winning work in digital, traditional, social, branded, and experiential channels to his role, and his fingerprints are on some of the world’s most well-known campaigns. (He also produced some of the very first web series to be created -- and to go viral! -- back when YouTube was in its infancy.)  

Over the past few months, we’ve thrown our energy behind championing RSeries Original within the Rizzle community. It’s now time to scale that initiative -- and Thom is the absolute right person to do this.

Thom hit the ground running a few weeks ago (check out his Q&A with us here) -- and he’s already got big plans for Rizzle Studios. His immediate goal: to “dramatically widen the aperture” of what people view and do on the app. Thom plans to:

  • Green-light interesting, challenging, and never-before-seen work from creators with a mix of both scripted and unscripted content
  • Strike partnerships with film festivals and talent agencies
  • Develop on-demand educational courses from instructors in writing, directing, and acting
  • Partner with college film programs to work directly with students in film and acting programs
  • Push out creative work developed in-house to show creators the kinds of things they can do on Rizzle.

Got a question for Thom or want to learn more about Rizzle Studios? Write to rstudios@rizzle.tv