Rizzle announces a contest in partnership with Stareable Fest!

Best Reformatted or Original Series.
  • Take your best short projects (or make something entirely new) and reformat them to 1-minute vertical video episodes.
  • Download the Rizzle app and start a free account.
  • Create a separate channel for each show you post.

December 31st, 2021
11:59 pm PST
announced in
We're giving away $1,500!
Every creator will get $25 just for posting, and will be in the running for future prizes up to $1500.
  • Must be completely vertical! NO horizontal video with black bars.
  • Each series must have at least three episodes of up to 1 minute each (but feel free to make yours longer if you like!)
  • At least one episode must be uploaded using the hashtag #Stareable.
  • Email thom@rizzle.tv with subject line “Stareable entry” and tell us the name of your show.
  • You can upload as many series as you like! The more series, the more chances you have to win.
  • You must have a Paypal account set up under the same email you join the app with in order to get paid.
See more details on how to make a great vertical Rizzle series here.
Please note that Rizzle is a completely free and exclusive platform. By uploading or creating original content on Rizzle, you retain all rights and ownership of your IP. For more information and questions, email thom@rizzle.tv.