Eco-friendly Practices For Everyone

Tips and tricks to make sure your home-planet is on fleek!

Being eco-friendly is not a trend or a fad that will pass on, it’s a lifestyle that we must inculcate with urgency.

Here are a few small eco-friendly practices you can adopt to contribute towards having a healthier planet:

Replace cling wrap with eco-friendly Beeswax wraps

Kick start your eco-friendly lifestyle by ditching plastic. Get rid of your plastic wrap and replace it with the eco-friendly beeswax alternative. Beeswax wrap is actually more breathable than plastic and is biodegradable.

Replace disposable cutlery with a wood set

Americans use over 100 million pieces of disposable cutlery every day! Cut down on the statistics by carrying your own silverware from home. Wooden cutlery is especially easy to carry around.

Switch to an eco-friendly toothbrush

Consider replacing your plastic toothbrushes with bamboo brushes. These are more eco-friendly. You can even go further and use zero-waste toothpaste!

Use biodegradable trash bags

Plastic bags are among the top things that pollute the planet the most. If we could all switch to biodegradable bags we’d be doing the world a huge favor. Biodegradable trash bags are 100% compostable and are BPI certified.

Avoid using bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

Over 80 billion plastic bottles are disposed of around the world every year just from shampoo and conditioner! Consider using reusable bottles to refill your shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

Compostable cutlery and bowls

If you don’t want to haul cutlery around and would rather get disposable plates, cups, and spoons, get compostable ones.

Carry your own containers for take-out

When you buy takeout, request to use your reusable containers instead of disposable ones. You can get stainless steel containers from camping supply stores so you have a good supply for your takeout.

Say no to plastic produce bags

Plastic bags are a huge mess for the environment. Buy a couple of environmentally friendly and reusable grocery bags. Throw in one in every bag you carry to work and in your car so you have one every time you go shopping.

Use eco-friendly cleaning cloths

Instead of using paper towels or disposable cloths go for eco-friendly wipe materials such as the compressed natural cellulose sponges. Cloth towels are also great as they are reusable and totally green.

Get a safety razor

The US alone throws out 2 billion non-recyclable razors. Don’t contribute to this waste. Use zero waste razors that are all-metal and have recyclable blades. You also get to spend very little to refill zero waste razors as compared to refilling plastic razors.

Buy products without packaging wherever possible

Carry your reusable bags when you go shopping and buy stuff that comes without packaging and pack them in your bags. If they must be packaged, buy eco-friendly products that come in zero waste produce bags such as recyclable cardboard boxes, reusable jars or containers.

Buy in bulk

This is another trick to reduce waste at home. Buying in bulk is friendly to the environment and saves you money. You can buy food in bulk from food stores. Some supermarkets are now offering stations where you can refill your shampoo, soap, and other toiletry items.

Shop local

Local shops normally sell products loose thus promoting the use of reusable packaging. So go on supporting your local economy by shopping at the local farmer’s market or green grocer’s.

Use reusable containers

Don’t hesitate to carry a water bottle, coffee mug and lunch box with you daily. The environment will love you for it. Store leftovers and your dry cereals in reusable containers instead of plastic disposable ones.Use reusable sandwich bags for lunches.

Take eco-friendly bags for grocery shopping

Keep forgetting to carry your reusable grocery bag? Put one reusable bag in every bag that you take out with you and you’ll never forget again. Switching to reusable bags for your grocery shopping can make a huge impact on the environment.