5 Tips To Make Good Video Intros

It would be an understatement to say that a good intro can take you a long way.

It was a particularly dreary day at work. It was pouring outside, and a general air of lethargy was floating around the vast space that consists of our office. I could bet my arm that every single person there felt that post-lunch, rainy day dullness. And all of a sudden, in the relatively quiet room, rang the Brooklyn Nine-Nine theme song- my co-worker’s ringtone! Faces lit up, including my own, and some of us even shimmied a little in our chairs! Well, that’s the effect intros have. A familiar tune, a ting, a sound effect, or even a voice introducing the show that will follow has the power to incite excitement in viewers. It’s a great way to have the audience associate happiness with your content. And if done right, it will have them coming back for more! Loyal viewerbase FTW! It’s also a great way to connect with them, and make sure your content is worth remembering.

It would be an understatement to say that a good intro can take you a long way. And while it is a subjective matter as to what kind of an intro would best suit your show, there are a few basic tips one could always use to make sure they hit all the right notes. Here’s 5 easy points for you to remember:

  1. Concise is King: Long intros are a drag to say the least, even big shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S tend to cut down their intro songs a few episodes in. Keep it short and sweet. The intro should complement your content, making the audience get hooked to your video.

  2. Catchphrase: Make sure that you have a good catchphrase which your viewers can associate with you. For example, everyone knows and attributes this phrase to Lilly Singh’s videos: “Whaddup everyone? It’s yo girl Superwoman!” One simple word from you can become a serotonin fest for your viewers.

  3. Surprise and tease: If you have some interesting news in the video give a teaser about it in your intro. No shame in indulging in some clickbait!

  4. Visually engaging: Make your intro visually appealing by adding music, animation, and other effects.Maybe throw in a hook step?

  5. Reflect your brand: Be consistent with the visuals, color, music, and effects. An amalgamation of which should reflect your unique brand!

Rizzle is a great place to begin and grow your video creation journey! Get on here and bring a rad intro to life!