Rizzle’s Features

Here are a few things that make Rizzle different (and better) than the rest.



Filmi+ is the one-touch answer to all your editing woes!

This feature automatically adds stunning visual effects to your video to magically transform your video into a visual treat. All you have to do is add a soundtrack to your video, and Filmi+ will add amazing effects to match the beats. Make stunning viral videos with a filmy twist in a single tap!

Try Filmi+ to give your videos a magical makeover!



Transitions by Rizzle features a range of electrifying effects to help you make smooth transitions in your videos with all the magic in one place!

Pick from various transition effects and seamlessly stitch scenes together to create stunning short videos! Create trending hashtags for your transition videos and go viral!



Loops by Rizzle lets you create funny and interesting short videos that feature an exciting twist. With Loops, you can create the perfect loop in your video with just a few taps. Make short videos with endless loops to keep your viewers glued to their screens.

Go ahead and unleash your creativity with Loops.



Shrink or magnify yourself and make magical video memes using our patent-pending Titan feature!

Create and experience big little moments, and virtually be anywhere! The magic never stops! And if you have dreams of being on a movie poster, make them come true with Titan!



Are your videos missing that certain zing? Give your videos a magical makeover by adding special effects with a single touch. Go viral with Filmi!



Welcome to the visual paradise! Have tantalizing media to exhibit?

  • Choose from our countless templates, transform your media into out-of-this-world short videos, and share with your friends and family! Make Whatsapp status videos, Reels, and short videos for Rizzle!
  • Endless collection of templates available at just a tap to help transform your visuals into creative and entertaining short videos!
  • Create amazing videos with infinite templates with Rizzle using your favorite music!



With the world's first video mixing feature for short video apps, create epic content mashups with your favorite creators or by yourself! Rimix helps you make video mashups using 2 to 5 videos within a few seconds. Create personalized short videos that are unique to your style with just a few taps!


Collab with Memes

Do you love Memes? Then Collab with Memes is just right for you!

Now make the funniest video memes on the internet! Use our existing meme templates and bring out your funny side up with hilarious and relatable endings!


Premium Channels

Rizzle is supporting premium channels now! Your Rizzle videos may earn you money. Once your channel qualifies for premium status, you can upgrade your channel.

Subscribers may sponsor your channel on a recurring basis. Sponsor your favorite channel using the coupon code below.

Read all about Premium Channels >


What's more rewarding than just listening to your favorite music? Recording a video with it! With Bounties on Rizzle, create videos using your favorite music tracks and earn rewards every time that video hits a milestone!



Music makes everything better, even your videos on Rizzle! We have a wide range of superhit tracks from the houses of Sony and Aditya Music for you to choose from. You can pick a song for any and every vibe of your video!


Visual Effects

You can use the many visual effects on Rizzle to make your videos more fun, and your short series more interesting with just one tap! Give your viewers an entertaining visual experience.

Visual Effects


Filters help you set the perfect mood for your videos. Boost your content using the awesome collection of filters available on Rizzle.


Picture in Picture

We all have something to say, be it politics, memes, global warming or even a selfie. Now with the picture-in-picture feature, do just that and more. Share the story behind that awkward selfie, show your new game scorecard or talk about the latest news, PIP makes it extra easier for you to be heard loud and clear on Rizzle!


Sound Effects

Making videos is an art and a well-timed sound effect can definitely help you take it up a notch. Jazz up your videos with an assortment of fun and easy to use sound effects and enhance your viewers’ experience!

sound effects

Video Responses

Responding to a video couldn't get any easier. Got something to say? On Rizzle you can respond to people in a totally new way! We make it easy for creators who wish to respond to a video on any topic with a video! All you have to do is click on the respond button, record your response and get the discussion going!

video responses

Talk About A Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, and what's better than to speak those words here on Rizzle! With the new Talk About a Picture feature, dig into your childhood pictures and share your memories, or even share the delightful details of a recent snap from your gallery! With a multitude of pictures around, your options are limitless!


B-Roll & Segments

Do you have those moments when you suddenly remember an old video from your gallery that perfectly complements the video you are currently recording? Go ahead and upload as many as 5 BRoll segments of a total of 29 seconds in your Rizzle videos! Enhance the quality of your videos by giving them added context with BRolls!


Creation with Flare

For a more immersive and interactive experience, you can now tag other Rizzlers in your posts. Go ahead give a shoutout, or call out your favorite Rizzlers to chime in on a prompt!

Flip Cam
Flip Camera

Double-tap camera flips. Option on screen as well.

zoom in/out
Zoom in/out

finger movements


from 20 to 30 seconds


record a long video and trim segments to broadcast


press record and timer to start recording.


record and save your Rizzle videos as drafts.



Isn’t it frustrating when you’re running out of ideas? Rizzle’s got you covered with prompts! A prompt is a topic on which you can talk about, and we have a wide range of them from your favorite shows on Netflix to the everyday events that are trending across the globe!


Segment Rearrangement

We all know that the perfect videos are filmed in several takes. Record your Rizzle videos in as many as 20 takes or segments. What’s more, you can even trim and reshuffle the order of segments!


Tag! You’re it!

For a more immersive and interactive experience, you can now tag other Rizzlers in your posts. Go ahead give a shoutout, or call out your favorite Rizzlers to chime in on a prompt!


Guest Posting: Chime In!

Guest posts are a way to collaborate where you can accept posts from others if it relates to your channel. It helps bring diverse perspectives and it helps each other's channels and posts get more visibility too!


Schedule Posts For Later

Stranded in a place with terrible connectivity but the setting is way too perfect to record a Rizzle video? We got you covered! Film away and schedule the post for later when you’re back to civilization.



Enjoying your favorite concert? Save it for later! Use the drafts option on Rizzle to save your videos that you wish to share with your viewers! You can save videos as a draft and publish them when you think the time is right. Drafts on Rizzle can save you a lot of time and effort. It can help you organize your channels and posts.



Nominate Rizzlers to help promote your content on Rizzle as well as other social media in order to gain sponsorships and visibility. Share both, the efforts and rewards of creating on Rizzle with your agent.


Featured Channels

Featured Channels are selected in the second week of every month. These are selected on the basis of the continuity of the qualitative videos on a channel. The minimum qualification for it is to make at least three videos in a week with great focus, good quality, and innovative content. Once a channel is featured Rizzle puts a tag - ‘feature’ and it helps increase the visibility of the selected channel. The channels are selected for once or twice a week.

featured channels

Google Sign In

Rizzle now introduces you to a Google account based login on both Android and iOS platforms. This will also aid in bringing about the perfect sync with your YouTube channel on your Rumbl profile.


Signature Channel Intros!

Enjoy true musical freedom by editing your channel intros with tunes and sick beats of your choice!


All things Social!

Integrate all your social media accounts on your Rizzle profile with ease. Be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, we believe in furthering social ties. So link away!



Are you an acting aficionado?! A pop-culture enthusiast who loves their favorite characters a bit way too much?! Guilty of recreating those passionate dialogues in your bedroom? Do you drop easter eggs every chance you get?! Then start getting your DiCaprio on, reimagine and create content based on the Improvs that Rizzle serves.


Found a bug? Bug us!

We strongly believe in listening to our Rizzle community. Be it reporting a bug you’ve encountered, or if you’ve got a rad new feature you’d like to see rolled out in our next update, just fill in the in-app Customer Feedback Form! We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can!

bug us