Profile Verification Guidelines
The Rizzle team verifies active official profiles of public figures, celebrities, or global brands that have verified accounts on each of these services:
•Facebook or Instagram
Please add a link of your profiles on said services to your Rizzle account— so that we can confirm that they indeed belong to you. Once this is done, please contact our team for verification.
What if I don't have a verified account on all of these services?
The profile verification request option will only be available to select eligible candidates. While our team will determine whether your profile qualifies for verification, here are a few things that you must keep in mind:
1. You must have good quality original content
2. Your Rizzle account must have a sizeable following
3. You must link your Instagram profile and other social media accounts on Rizzle
4. You must add your Rizzle profile link to Instagram bio and other social platforms
Our team will then analyze the quality of content on your Rizzle account and determine whether or not you are eligible for being verified on Rizzle.
Please note that the verification of your profile is at the discretion of Rizzle.
In the case of organizations, a link to your Rizzle account from the official website of the organization may also be taken into consideration. Our team may ask to submit additional data and comments after checking the social media links.
How does verification help me?
Verification will not enable additional abilities on Rizzle - it is just a way to show that your account is official. A link to your Rizzle account on your official site or other official accounts elsewhere can achieve a similar result.
How do I apply for a profile verification on Rizzle?
Go to settings and select the “Profile Verification” option.
Tap on “Verify your Profile”
Link your Instagram handle on Rizzle
Add your Rizzle profile link to your Instagram bio
Go back to the same page on Rizzle and tap on “Proceed”.
Once your profile verification request is successfully placed, it may take up to 3-5 days for our team to review it.
You will receive a notification updating you whether your profile has been verified or not.
Under what circumstances will my profile lose its verified status?
You can lose your profile’s verified status if:
1. You remove or change social links from your Rizzle account.
2. You remove your Rizzle account link from your Instagram or social media bios.
3. You violate any of Rizzle’s community guidelines.