Report copyright infringement
Rizzle considers copyright violations as a grave offense and ensures to remove the reported content. Users who repeatedly violate copyrights will be banned from the app under appropriate circumstances.
Please complete and submit this form if you have a good-faith belief that any content on Rizzle infringes on your copyright.
Please note that this form is to be used by copyright owners and/ or their agents only.
Before filing a report, please seek legal advice in case you are unsure about the nature of the infringing content. In case you misrepresent the content that is reported to be violating your copyright, you may be liable for damages, including costs & attorney fees incurred by Rizzle and its users.
Rizzle as an intermediary will pass on the information you submit in this form to the user who violated your copyrights. You may choose to use an agent to represent you if you are concerned about your information being forwarded.
Designated Agent/Grievance Officer
Sana Afreen
Silverlabs Technologies, Inc
PSR Prime Towers, Gachibowli
Who are you with respect to the infringement?
In case of any authorized person of the owner reporting the copyright infringement, such authorized agent or legal representative must upload asigned statement by both the owner of copyrighted material and the agent working on behalf of such owner sanctioning such authorization