Rizzle invites you to create amazing short, vertical series and be part of Rizzle Series Originals. If you are an actor, producer, storyteller, YouTuber, or TikToker, this may be for you.
To participate,and send in your outline or script and a 3-minute pilot to.
Rizzle is accepting applications for Rizzle Series Originals every week. Selected pilots will receive cash assistance for original content.

Submitting The Pilot

Once you submit your entry on the form, please follow these instructions to submit your pilot.

  • Create an account on Rizzle if you don’t already have one.
  • Create a channel for your series.
  • Create at least 3 minutes of your pilot
  • Create each episode as 1 minute or less (find a natural stopping point less than 1 minute for a smooth transition).
  • Send an email towith your Rizzle username and channel name.
Categories For Series
Rizzle Series Originals are open for a wide range of categories, including but not limited to:
Science Fiction
If your series belongs in a category not listed here, please feel free to mention it in your submission.

Criteria For Selection

Above all, we are looking for engaging shows that can keep an audience binge watching your channel. But it helps if you have


Multiple people in your cast


Well edited videos


Background music or sound effects as necessary


Lighting that works well for your plot


Excellent quality audio

Just put in your best work and have fun creating it!

Selection Process

Once you submit your application and pilot, our team will evaluate the fit for Rizzle and will contact you on the next steps. If you are selected for the funding, you will receive an email notifying you of the great news to take it forward!

You can contact us anytime during this process at.