Become a Master Creator
Marcie Smolin
As head of the Actor’s Circle, Marcie has taught acting to Joseph Gordon Levitt, Taylor Lautner - and now you.
Caris Vujcec
NYC-based storyteller and filmmaker with a career spanning Broadway, television and original content creation, Caris teaches acting onscreen.
Thom Woodley
Telling a great story in short digital form can be tricky - but CollegeHumor, Dos Equis and original webseries vet Thom unlocks it for you.
Joshua Butler
Learn directing with one of the most prolific writer-directors of his generation. Joshua has helmed many films and episodes of shows on Syfy, FOX, Disney, NBC and the CW.
Allen McRae
Create engaging and hilarious characters for digital media with Comedy Manager, teacher, and former Head of Sketch Comedy at The People’s Improv Theatre in NYC.
Niccolo Aeed
Master the basics of writing sketch comedy with a seasoned instructor at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre! Niccolo's work has been featured on Comedy Central, The New Yorker, and more.
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