Certified Influencer Program


20 Hours

8 classes

1 month

Scholarship Eligibility

Live Zoom Classes by Eric John

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Eric John is a creative specialist by profession but an actor, a musician, a scriptwriter, a director, and above all, a keen observer by passion.He has 5 years experience in scripts writing, directing, theatre, and short-films. His strong background in theatre, and his passion for music & content creation has helped him come up with several multi-lingual short films, sketches, series, music, and raps.


  • This course ensures you become a verified creator on Rizzle and an influencer on a social media platform of your choice.
  • Special emphasis on video making techniques/ tips and ideas.
  • Social media tips and tricks.
  • Participate and get a chance to win contests.
  • Stand a chance to get a scholarship of up to 5k/month from Rizzle.
  • Industry connects to land up in music videos and series.
  • Feedback on the regular assignments and competitive assessment/in-house competition.
  • Special sessions on camera tricks and social media profile boosting.